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    About Relatle

    What is Relatle?

    Relatle is a daily word puzzle where you guess a five-letter word based on clues provided in the form of colored tiles. Each tile represents a letter's position and relation to the target word. Green indicates a correct letter in the right spot, yellow signifies a correct letter in the wrong position, and gray means the letter isn't present in the word.

    Basic Features in Relatle:

    Six attempts to guess the five-letter word.

    Color-coded tiles reveal clues about letter placement.

    Share your results and challenge friends.

    Pro Tips to Conquer Relatle:

    Leverage the Power of the First Guess: Start with a word that has a high number of common letters like adieu or irate. This maximizes your chances of hitting green or yellow tiles early on.

    Double Down on Confirmed Letters: Once a letter turns green, include it in all subsequent guesses. Similarly, if a letter turns yellow, try placing it in different positions within your guesses.

    Eliminate the Gray: As you encounter gray tiles, you can strategically eliminate those letters from your word pool, narrowing down the possibilities.

    Explore Less Common Letters: After exhausting common letter combinations, consider venturing into less frequent letters, but prioritize words with strong letter placement logic.

    Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play, the more you'll develop an intuition for letter placement and common word structures.

    Ready to Play? Here's How:


    Start with any five-letter word and submit your guess.

    The game will then assign a color to each letter of your guess based on its relation to the target word.

    Use this color feedback to refine your next guess.

    Keep iterating with new words based on the color clues until you crack the code within six tries.


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