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    Overview Pokerogue

    Pokerogue is a free, browser-based game that blends the monster-collecting fun of Pokemon with the strategic challenge of roguelikes.

    What is a Roguelite?

    Roguelikes are a subgenre of RPGs known for their procedurally generated dungeons, permadeath (where you start over upon defeat), and emphasis on replayability. Each playthrough offers a fresh experience, forcing you to adapt your strategies on the fly.

    How Does Pokerogue Combine These Genres?

    Endless Battles: Instead of a linear story, Pokerogue throws you into a series of battles against wild Pokemon, trainers, and bosses. Victories grant you experience and resources to strengthen your team.

    Permadeath with Progression: If your Pokemon team faints, it's game over. However, you can unlock permanent upgrades between runs, allowing you to gradually progress further each time.

    Stacking Items and Biome Exploration: Discover and equip powerful items to enhance your Pokemon's abilities. Explore diverse biomes, each with unique challenges and Pokemon encounters.

    How to play the Pokerogue

    Permadeath and Procedural Levels

    At its core, Pokerogue embraces the permadeath aspect of roguelikes. If your Pokemon team faints, it's back to the beginning. This injects a constant sense of tension, forcing you to strategize carefully and take calculated risks.

    The thrill is amplified by procedural generation. Each playthrough features unique dungeons, meaning every adventure is fresh and unpredictable. You'll encounter different Pokemon, items, and challenges, keeping the gameplay endlessly engaging.

    Building Your Pokemon Team

    Despite the permadeath twist, you're not entirely without backup. Throughout your dungeon crawl, you'll encounter opportunities to catch new Pokemon. Building a well-rounded team with diverse types is crucial for overcoming increasingly difficult foes.

    Just like in traditional Pokemon games, you can train your captured Pokemon, leveling them up and teaching them new moves. But with limited resources and a constant race against defeat, strategic choices become paramount.

    Shaping Your Destiny

    What truly sets Pokerogue apart is the emphasis on player agency. You'll face a multitude of decisions throughout your journey. Should you prioritize catching new Pokemon or focus on training your existing team? Do you explore every nook and cranny of the dungeon, seeking valuable resources, or make a beeline for the boss fight?

    These choices impact your progress and influence the outcome of your run. The thrill of making the right call and watching your Pokemon team triumph is truly rewarding

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