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    DEEP IO - Online Multiplayer Game

    Welcome to the mysterious ocean world in the new IO game Deepio! Investigate deep waters in the job of one of the marine occupants. You can enter a game like fish, blobfish or a worm, yet then you need to develop your character into greater and more grounded ocean animals. To cause a mutation conceivable you to need to swim around the ocean and eat little shining spots or different players, when you gather enough experience focuses your character will transform into another creature and go to a more elevated level. Each creature in Deep IO has its novel capacities and necessities. A few creatures can just swim deep under the water and going up executes them, some of them can delve in the earth, some can harm adversaries, and some others become imperceptible, yet they all make them thing in like manner: they eat or get eaten by others, so don't simply coast around!

    To kill another creature and eat its remaining parts you simply need to hit it with your head a few times. You just get an opportunity to win by hitting littler players or the individuals who are at a similar level as you, yet not those of similar species. The bar above different players is wellbeing, if the entire bar turns red - creature will bite the dust. On the off chance that you are hit by somebody more grounded than you, you'll get 15% more slow for 5 seconds. Other significant things you should likewise focus at are oxygen, temperature and weight level bar, when the degree of one of these things begins dropping - you are in peril!

    Step by step instructions to Play DEEP IO

    Control your character by moving a cursor and snap the left mouse button help. In Deepio players can likewise speak with one another and share their opinions about the game, press ENTER to talk, to cover up or show visit messages - press M. Exit to principle menu by squeezing ESC. You can likewise get undetectable for different players and simply swim around watching others playing, to do that press 'SPEC' button on the beginning screen. In this mode different players can't see you until they state the enchantment expression.

    DEEP IO Tips, Tricks and Hacks

    Cover up in the volkanos or behind water plants and trust that the following clueless unfortunate casualty will swim by.

    Try not to be disturbed if your character passes on, you will restart with a medium size porton of an encounter you had in a previous life.

    All creatures, aside from pinguin get more slow following 10 seconds in a virus zone.

    Pick Blobfish toward the start of the game; it can swim in deep waters where you can get a great deal of nourishment and along these lines advance rapidly.

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